FeatherLight DSMX Compatible 7-Channel Stabilizer Rx

FeatherLight DSMX Compatible  7-Channel Stabilizer Rx

Are You Tired Of Paying For Over Priced Receivers?

The ultimate 2.4GHz receiver for any of your favorite models from mini profile foamies to BIG Gassers, The Feather Light Full Range Receiver uses advanced DSMX™ technology that makes it compatible with DSM2™ & DSMX radio and module systems.

    Key Features
  • Modern DSMX Tchnology
  • Super lightweight 4.8 grams
  • DSM2™ technology
  • Compatible with DSM2™ & DSMX radio and module systems
  • 7 Channel Full Range Receiver
  • Short 29mm antennas for mounting convenience
  • 25(L) x 35(W) x 7(H) mm
    Binding Instruction:
  1. The stabilizer's built-in Spektrum compatible receiver will work without satellite if you prefer a more compact installation.
  2. Install Binding Jumper on receiver's binding pins.
  3. Connect power to receiver.
  4. Receiver's LED will begin rapid flashing.
  5. While holding down the bind button or switch on the transmitter;
    • Turn on transmitter
    • Hold bind button or switch until receiver pauses and begins a slow flash and then lights up solid red.
    • Release binding switch or button.
  6. Verify proper bind with receiver.
  7. Remove binding plug
  8. Power off receiver and transmitter.
    Option #1: - Enabling Stabilization for your plane! (first time setup: 3 minutes required):
  1. Glue your stabilizer along the C.G. of the aircraft. We Like to use Velcro but hot glue is also a nice and quick method for securing the board. Flipping your gyro direction for the required installation is OK.
  2. Disable any mixing on your transmitter and choose the correct wing type by setting J4 and J5.
  3. Set Sub-trim and set stick directions on all channels as necessary. After setting trims, toggling AUX-1 twice within 1 second enables stick centering detection which is required for optimizing gyro functionality. Green + red LEDs means no gyro while solid green means gyro is enabled. If Aux3 is available on your transmitter and J6 is set to on position, remote master gain tuning for all 3 channels will become available. If your transmitter does not have AUX3 channel and J6 is accidentally set to enable, the gyro is smart enough to detect the error and continue normal stabilization with a master gain of 1.
    • (Quick Recap: To enable Gyro, make sure J4, J5, J6, are set correctly. Also make sure the gain pot's are set correctly on stabilizer and AUX 3 knob (if available) is set at 50% initially for testing. Make sure your AUX1 switch is able to toggle between +100 /- 100 to toggle between Gyro enable and Gyro disable.)
  4. Adjust the 3 potentiometers to 50% and check the gain direction. Ensure your AUX1 is set to enable gyro with gain = 1 on AUX3 (if available). Rotate the plane in all 3 axis and adjust J1 to J3 as necessary for gain direction changing. Ensure the servo moves the control surfaces in the proper direction for correction of movement. Adjust the individual gains as necessary.
  5. You are now ready to start flying! Remember to check AUX1, AUX3 and proper gyro correction for all 3 axis just before you fly your plane.

    Option #2: - Turn off your gyro and use as a 6-channel receiver
  1. Simply turn off J4 and J5.
  2. Bind the receiver to your radio.
    • You are now ready to use the receiver as a stand-alone 6-channel receiver!

Complete user manual for download (PDF):
Click to download Manual.pdf


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